Board of Directors

Mr. Ibrahim M I Al Missned Al -Mohannadi

Chairman of the Board

The State of Qatar, under the leadership of His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, is witnessing rapid positive developments at all levels: legislative, political, democratic, industrial and economic reform. Qatar also plays a leading role in the reform process in the region by being the example that all countries in the region seek to follow.
These wise policies bring many benefits to the young State of Qatar and to all countries with which Qatar cooperates by building bridges for development and investment in these countries.In the framework of the State of Qatar’s endeavor to reduce dependence on oil wealth, it seeks to adopt a policy of diversification in its economic and commercial activity, which led to the recovery of financial markets, especially the stock market, which helped the entry of foreign investments into the Qatar market and the emergence of investment portfolios of international companies that helped to develop Doha stock marketThe global stock market map, which made the State of Qatar one of the best markets in the region in terms of investments and returns.

Mr. Saoud Omar H. A. Al -Mana

Deputy Chairman

Mr. Ali Hussain I H Al -Fardan

Board Member

Sh. Mohamed Hamad J J Al-Thani

Board Member

Mr. Mohamed Mahmoud M Al Okar

Board Member

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