Brief History

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Qatar Securities Company is recognized as one of the top brokerage firms in Qatar. The company’s growth over the past decade is a testament to its strength and ability to face future challenges.

Since its inception, Qatar Securities Company has strived to satisfy its customers by providing a full-service securities brokerage firm focusing on helping clients achieve their financing and investment goals. The company was established in 1997, coinciding with the start of the Qatar Stock Exchange. QSC's starting capital was QR 2 million, but today the company's working capital is QR 50 million. QSC has consistently grown its business by adopting the best professional practices that prioritize clients, making it the leading brokerage firm ranked number one for many years among other brokerage firms.

In its ongoing effort to maintain its supremacy, QSC always strives for its employees and management to be knowledgeable and experienced. This has made the company a pioneer in serving its clients and enjoying a good reputation. It has also enabled QSC to rise to a high rank among the major authorized and licensed brokerage firms on the Qatar Stock Exchange. This transformation has made QSC one of the largest teams of accredited and licensed brokerage companies in the Qatar Stock Exchange.
QSC's future vision is to enhance its clients' services and increase its market share without compromising the special benefits it offers. The company believes that its most important assets are its clients' trust in the wisdom of its management and board of directors and employees who manage its operations transparently and professionally.
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