QSC Culture




Qatar Securities Company’s culture is built on three pillars: Integrity, Security, and Transparency. These pillars are supported by a team of financial trading experts who can address and solve all our clients’ various requirements. This has led to the company’s success and reputation. QSC’s focus on management strength, business vision, demonstrated success, and unique catalysts for growth have also contributed to its success. The company can efficiently execute orders for large funds and portfolios and satisfy its clients. QSC’s clients are typically conservative high-net-worth individuals/corporations, which is always considered when developing strategies. The company values information and provides daily reports on stock prices, flash news or updates about trades, monthly reports, and other relevant information on stock quotations and trading activities.
QSC’s growth results from the trust and reliance of its clients, which number around 30,000. The company maintains this trust by continuously updating its strategic and corporate investors database.
QSC adheres to all rules, regulations, and instructions issued by the Qatar Stock Exchange and Qatar Financial Markets Authority to ensure integrity, security, and transparency.
The board of directors listens carefully to clients and employees to address potential issues before they escalate.
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